Moss Removal

Moss Removal

Here at Transparency, we carry out a process that we have mastered over the years for cleaning roofs. We never pressure wash client’s roofs as this is very bad for the tile surface.


1. Pre-Treatment

At Transparency we use a special chemical to get into the moss spores and their roots. This process turns the surface moss orange/yellow ready for stage 2 which will be done a few weeks after stage 1.


2. Remove Moss

Now we phsyically remove all the moss from your roof whether that be us on your roof ourselves on the ridge with roof ladders or using our own scaffolding tower for safe access which reduces the cost of hiring a scaffolding company but does take us two vans to carry.


We have special carbon fibre poles to reach the most awkward spots which is all done with blades and brushes specifically designed to remove moss and not pressure washing which will destroy the tile surface.


3. Post Treatment

To ensure the exposed spores & deep roots that are still clinging in places like under a tile lips are 100% removed. This process can take a few months to totally eradicate all the moss spores but once it is done it should last up to 3 years then ring us again for a respray before it starts to grow again.


4. To Finish Off

Once we have cleaned your roof, we will always clear and clean any gutters, as an added bonus we also clean your windows and soft wash all your soffits & Fascia’s free of charge to finish off the job.

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